Apricot + Strawberry Dutch Oven Cobbler


What you’ll need:

10 apricots washed and quartered

1 pint of strawberries washed and halved

1/2 lemon (juice)

1/2 orange (juice)

3/4 C sugar (you can use stevia for a lower sugar recipe)

1 Tbsp butter (I use vegan)

1 Tbsp sugar

2 Tbsp flour (I use unbleached all purpose)

1 Tbsp brown sugar

2 Tsp cinnamon

1 container if refrigerated biscuits, I used buttermilk

What you’ll do:

In a large bowl combine apricots, strawberries, lemon juice, orange juice, 3/4 C sugar and flour

Pour this mixture into the Dutch oven

Place biscuits on top of the mixture evenly

Cut the butter into 8 chunks and place one on top of every biscuit

Sprinkle with brown sugar, regular sugar and cinnamon

Place Dutch oven over coals in the fire pit and let cook for 15 minutes

Check biscuits after 15 minutes, cook until golden brown

Serve and enjoy!!!