Raspberry, rhubarb + blueberry rice pudding


What you’ll need:
1 C uncooked brown rice
2 C water
1 small container of raspberries washed
1 small container of blueberries washed
2 rhubarb stalks peeled and chopped into bite size pieces
1/4 C sugar
1/2 water
1/2 can of coconut milk
1 Tbsp vanilla
1 Tbsp maple syrup

What you’ll do:
Cook brown rice according to directions (bring 2 cups of water to a boil, add 1 cup rice, reduce heat and simmer for 40 minutes covered)
While rice is cooking combine other 1/2 C of water, blueberries, sugar and rhubarb
Let simmer over medium low for 10-15 minutes until soft
Once rice is cooked add coconut milk, vanilla and maple syrup
Combine thoroughly
Add blueberry/rhubarb mixture
Add raspberries last


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