Salmon scramble


What you’ll need:
5 large eggs

1/4 C milk (I use unsweetened flax seed milk)

2 pieces of cooked or smoked salmon cut into chunks

1/2 C spinach washed

1 bunch of green onions cleaned and sliced thinly (white-light green parts only)

1 batch fresh salsa (see previous blog post for recipe)

Goat cheese (optional)

Sea salt

Crushed black pepper

Cayenne pepper

What you’ll do:

Heat a non stick pan over medium

In a small bowl combine eggs and milk

Add the salmon chunks and brown slightly

Add egg mixture and spinach

Continue to cook while stirring constantly

Add sea salt, black and cayenne pepper to taste (about 1 Tsp of each)

Once eggs are cooked through add goat cheese, cover with a lid and let the cheese melt for 2-3 minutes

Top with fresh salsa and enjoy!!

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