Homemade Pickles


What you’ll need:

6 C white wine vinegar (you could use plain white vinegar also it will just have a slightly stronger taste)

2 Tbsp dried dill

2 Tsp dried coriander

2 Tsp dried mustard seeds

2 Tsp black peppercorns

2 Tsp red pepper flakes

1 Tsp sea salt

2 Tbsp honey

2 garlic cloves

1 lemon juiced

1 habanero pepper sliced

2 red jalapeño’s sliced

1 English cucumber sliced into chips

1 red onion sliced thinly

1/2 bunch fresh cilantro (optional)

What you’ll do:

In a medium sauce pot mix together vinegar, honey, garlic and all spices

Bring to a boil, boil for 1-2 minutes and remove from heat

Let liquid cool

In a large jar place the red jalapeño’s, habanero and cucumbers

Squeeze the lemon juice on top and add the rind if desired

Add fresh cilantro

Pour pickling liquid until all cucumbers are covered and close jar

Refrigerate for at least 12 hours and enjoy for up to 4 days

To make the onions follow the same steps (I left of the cilantro in my onions)

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