Stir Fry


What you’ll need:

1 Tbsp olive oil

1 package of Soba noodles cooked according to directions

1 package of frozen veggies ( I used broccoli and cauliflower)

1 small onion chopped Finley

Any other fresh vegetables you have on hand (I used zucchini)

1/4 C ponzu sauce (or soy)

1/2-1 Tbsp Sriracha

What you’ll do:

Heat frozen veggies, set aside

Cook soba noodles, drain and set aside

In a large Wok or skillet heat olive oil

Add onion and zucchini and cook 5-10 minutes until translucent

Add frozen veggies and stir

Add ponzu sauce and Sriracha

Stir well

Add Soba noodles

Stir well and heat through about 2-3 minutes


I garnished mine with additional Sriracha and some black seasame seeds

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