My Kitchen

Blue Kitchen

The minute my husband and I saw this house we knew we wanted it.  We tried to talk ourselves out of it and look at other homes but we kept coming back to it. We knew just how much work it would be and we were not sure we wanted to take that on.  We both work full time so all of the work would have to be done on weekends and after work but we decided to get it anyways!

The part of the house that needed the most work was the kitchen.  It looked like something out of the flinstones.  Black and orange concrete countertops, dark slate everything, zig-zag cabinets and flooring that i don’t even know how to explain.

before kitchen

before kitchen


before kitchen

First we started by tearing everything out. I mean EVERYTHING! Once we got started we realized there was termite damage along with water damage.  My husband had to work through the night to replace all the wood beams in our kitchen.

before kitchen


Once he got that done, the next week came cabinets.  He was fortunate and knew someone who did cabinets.  We had our cabinets custom built at Barlow’s.  I’m so happy we decided against box cabinets from a chain store.  Slow close, dovetail, shaker style-painted white maple are what we went with. Barlow’s did such an amazing job, I could not be happier.  We knocked down the gally style kitchen, made a walk way and added an island.  I even got a spice drawer to the side of my cooktop, it’s so handy! We had them build a wine rack above the microwave and vertical shelves above the fridge.  There is a cabinet for everything.

white kitchen



slow close

white cabinets

white kitchen

spice drawer

spice drawer


wine rack

We decided to go with stainless appliances and of course I had fun picking them all out! I am so happy I went with a double oven, it helps so much to set two different temperatures.  The slide in range is something I really love also, a lot less bulky and more sleek than a traditional range.  We found all of our appliances at RC Willey.

double oven


Next we decided to do an apron sink.  It is so nice having such a big sink with an industrial faucet.  It makes cleaning dishes so much quicker and I’m able to fit very large serving dishes right in the sink. Because we had white cabinets we thought stainless steel would be a nice accent.  We found our sink and our facuet, both made by Kraus,  on Amazon. I love retro anything, so when my husband found the white, round light at Home Depot I was so happy.  We also found our backsplash tile at home depot and put it in ourselves (really I justed handed my husband things while he did all the work).

faucetBlue Kitchen

We decided on a white quartzite with a lot of crystalization.  Our countertops are probably my favorite part of our kitchen.  Photos do not really do them justice, they are much prettier in person.  You do have to be very careful with them and treat them about the same as marble.  Although natural stone is harder to maintain, I’m really happy we went with it.



stainless steel apron front sink

Now it was time finishing touches.


I love my Shun knife from Williams + Sonoma and my cutting boards I found on  I have two cutting boards, one for fish and one for veggies and everything else.

white dishes

I love taking photos of food on clean white dishes.  I found mine at Ikea.


This is only a fraction of the plates I own.  I seem to collect them and hardly ever in fours.  I usually only buy one or two at a time from Ikea, West Elm, and Downeast Outfitters.


You can never have too many bowls! I found my wooden bowls at Big Lots for $12 a piece and they are such great quality.  I have had them for years.


We have a glass for any kind of drink you could ever want!  I ordered these from amazon and Ikea also has great deals on good quality glasses.

measuring cups decorative

anthropologie measuring cups

I have a thing for measuring cups, I can never have too many.  These are my favorite measuring cups ever and I think they always will be.  My mom bought these and matching measuring spoons for me from Anthroplogie a few years ago.


There is nothing better to me than listening to music while cooking.  My Sonos is so great for that.

target canisters

I keep whole wheat four, unbleached white flour, sugar, flax seed and flax seed meal in these canisters I found at Target.

tea cups

My boss and his wife (I have a feeling mostly his wife) gave us the cutest tea cups as a house warming gift.  My favorite tea cups, they are just too pretty for every day use.  I have them on display on a shelf in our kitchen.


tea cups

I had no idea that going into a nursery one day I would find the cutest kitchen accessories too!  Sun River Gardens in Orem, UT has a great supply of all things kitchen.

copper canisters

My husband found these hammered copper canisters on Amazon this year for my birthday.  I filled one with a decorative whisk and serving spoons + forks from Anthropologie.

copper canisters

oven mit

TJ Maxx is another regular stop I make.  This oven mit and the pot holders came from TJ Maxx.

more measuring cups

More measureing dishes!  I bought these at Soel Boutique in Provo, UT.

measuring cups, rolling pin

edison bulb pendant light

blue kitchen aid

And of course you can’t forget the Kitchen Aid, my husband (I know I found a good one) got this for me for Christmas last year from Target.

We have had so much fun making this kitchen our own.  Our house is a work in progress and I will be sure to continue sharing our journey with you!

2 thoughts on “My Kitchen”

  1. hmmm, those white shaker cabinets look nice! Are they made from a one piece solid wood with the center routed out? As I know, for 5-piece construction, any shrinkage or expansion will distort the lines, ruining the cabinets.

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