My tomatoes are just turning red and I am getting so excited! Fresh tomatoes from the garden are probably my favorite food. This recipe mixes fresh with canned, but you could use all fresh if you have them. I love using better than bullion paste in the place of salt and always have it on hand, it adds such a great flavor. I do not love garlic, if you do double the amount. I know that everyone has a favorite salsa recipe so here is mine.

Ingredient list:

5-6 large tomatoes

1 jalapeño

1 14.5 oz can of fire roasted tomatoes

1 6 oz can of canned green chilies

2 Tbsp vegetable better than bullion

1 tbsp minced garlic

1 white onion chopped roughly

3 limes (juice)

1 bunch cilantro chopped roughly


Roast tomatoes and jalapeño in a large pan over medium high heat, or in oven at 425 for 10-15 minutes turning frequently

Let cool, combine with all other ingredients in blender until smooth


Painted succulents

Lately I’ve been having so much fun spray painting some of my hens and chicks. Succulents are so amazing, they continue to grow even painted. They will eventually grow the paint out and you may need to touch up the re-growth but it will not kill the plant. I have been using Krylon in matte colors, their glitter spray I love too! I use oil based paints so water doesn’t wash it away. Next I need to master master making containers for all these babies.

Smashed Potatoes

Ingredient list:

1/4 C red wine vinegar

2 tbsp stoneground mustard

1/4 C olive oil

10-12 small red potatoes

Olive oil (I just used spray )

Sea salt + pepper

2 C cooked peas

Mexican crema (or sour cream)

Cilantro chopped roughly

Rosemary, sage or basil chopped roughly

Cotija cheese


Heat oven to 425

Boil potatoes until soft about 12 minutes

Transfer cooked potatoes to a lined cooking sheet

Use a bowl or cup to flatten/smash them

Spray with olive oil

Sprinkle with sea salt + pepper

Bake for 15-20 minutes until browning

While those are baking whisk together vinegar, mustard and oil

Set aside

Place cooked peas in large bowl

Add potatoes

Pour in dressing and mix together

Top with sea salt, crema, cotija cheese and cilantro/herbs


Berry + Honey Crostini

I could eat crostini all day. Blue cheese, honey and berries? You can’t go wrong. This is my go to appitizer for any gathering. I love being able to use local honey too.

What you’ll need:

Crostini (I purchase mine at my local Harmon’s)

Blue cheese

Fig spread





Line crostinis on a plate

Spoon a small amoutn of fig spread on each crostini

Place blue cheese


And finish with honey



For my birthday this year my husband surprised me with a trip to London. I had absolutely no idea! I had less than a week to wait for our trip, best surprise ever. That week went by in no time and before I knew it we were on our way to the airport. I realized midway to the airport that I forgot our camera, of course I forgot it, I always forget something. We spent a week in the city, here are some of my favorite iPhone photos of our trip. 

We got in mid-day our first day and spent it wondering around Abby Road. I love the Beatles so of course I was excited for this. Pretty roses and ivy everywhere only made me more happy. The rest of the night we wandered around the prettiest park.

Our second day we got our Oyster card and started getting familiar with the tube {mind the gap}. We went to the Tower of London and London Bridge. Getting to see the Crown Jewels was the highlight for me that day. Such pretty views of the city from the bridge, especially of the Shard.

The next day was spent wandering around  the Oxford & Picadilly Circus area. That includes getting lost for a couple of hours which I did not mind! Everywhere you look in London there is something amazing, I felt like I was in Harry Potter when I stumbled upon the Royal Courts of Justice.

The Tate modern art museum was next. I could have spent a few days there, I love art and especially modern art. You also get a beautiful view of St. Peter’s cathedral from Mellenium Bridge.

If I had to chose my favorite place in London I would have to say Hyde park. It was magical. We also walked through Green Park & Kensington Gardens.

We spent the rest of our time seeing the sites and eating and then eating some more. I loved London and hope I get to go back soon.

P.S. My curling iron refused to work so I had to do a braid everyday just in case you were wondering 😁

{dairy free} Shrimp Rissoto

Ingredient list:

1 lb of de-veined, peeled + cooked shrimp

2 tbsp olive oil divided 

2 garlic cloves minced

1 white onion

2 tomatoes chopped (I used vine ripened)

1 tsp sea salt

3 C seafood or fish stock

2 lemons (juice)

2 C mushrooms 

1 bunch asparagus chopped into 1″ pieces 

1 C Aroborio rice

1/2 C almond/soy or flax milk

1 tsp ground black pepper

1 tsp coriander 

1 tsp thyme

Stallions to top if wanted


In a small pot heat oil over medium heat

Add garlic

Cook until fragrant 

Add tomatoes and cook for a few minutes 

Add seafood stock

Reduce heat and keep simmering 

Add onion and cook until translucent 

Add mushrooms and asparagus and cook an additional 2-3 minutes

Add salt, pepper, coriander + thyme

Add the rice and cook until golden brown

Add 1/2 C seafood stalk mixture every few minutes until completely absorbed stirring continuously. Continue this process for about 20 minutes until rice is softened 

Add shrimp and milk and stir until milk is completely absorbed 

Top with chopped scallions 



Cilantro Cod


Cilantro Cod

4 filets of cod fish

1 bunch cilantro cleaned and stems cut off

1 lime (juice)

1 jalapeño seeded, d-veined and chopped roughly

1-2 tsp ginger (fresh is better, if you use dried just add an additional tsp)

10 green onions sliced thinly (divided)

3-4 tbsp olive oil

1 tsp sea salt

1 tsp black pepper


Heat oven to 350

Prepare a cooking sheet with 4 sheets of parchment paper big enough to wrap the fish filets in

In a blender combine cilantro, lime juice, jalapeño, ginger, 1/2 of the onions, 3 tbsp olive oil, sea salt and pepper

If too thick add the additional tbsp oil

Place 1 piece of fish in 1 piece of parchment paper

Evenly distribute the cilantro sauce on top of each piece of fish

Wrap the parchment paper to keep all of the steam in while cooking

Bake for 15-20 minutes until fish flakes easily

Top with additional onions and jalapeño if wanted


Stuffed Salmon

Stuffed Salmon

Ingredient List:

2 wild caught salmon filets

1 tbsp olive oil

1 package of sliced mushrooms

5 green onions sliced

1 C spinach chopped

1 C shredded lump crab meat

2 tbsp Srirracha

1/4 C non fat greek yogurt

2 tsp sea salt divided

2 tsp black pepper divided

1 tsp garlic powder

2 sprigs of fresh dill chopped finely

10 pistachio’s shelled and chopped


Turn broil on high

Over medium heat warm olive oil, add mushrooms, onions and spinach

Cook until softened about 5 minutes

Add crab meat, yogurt, sea salt and pepper

Stir and cook until heathed through

Transfer into a bowl and let cool

Season each piece of salmon with sea salt, pepper and dill

Take Salmon filets and cut a V in the middle of each piece to place the crab meat filling

Spoon the filling into each piece

Sprinkle pistachio pieces onto filet

Place the filets back into a skillet over medium heat (add more oil if needed)

Cook on medium for 2 minutes, reduce heat to low and cover

Cook covered for 7-8 minutes

Place oven safe pan into the oven and broil over high for 2 minutes until starting to brown


Serves 2


Good Things Utah

I went on Good Things Utah today to make sweet potato quesadillas. I get so nervous to be on TV but everyone there is so sweet it makes it a lot easier!  I love quesadillas but wanted a little healthier option. You get a lot of veggies from these and even more if you make the cauliflower salsa. If you have any picky eaters serve them with s dipping sauce, I actually like bbq sauce with these. Click the link below to watch the tutorial on how to make these.