Painted succulents

Lately I’ve been having so much fun spray painting some of my hens and chicks. Succulents are so amazing, they continue to grow even painted. They will eventually grow the paint out and you may need to touch up the re-growth but it will not kill the plant. I have been using Krylon in matte colors, their glitter spray I love too! I use oil based paints so water doesn’t wash it away. Next I need to master master making containers for all these babies.

Windowsill Succulents

There are not many things in this world I love more than plants. I love looking for them, planting them and finding just the right home for them. Succulents are great because they are so easy to care for. Just give them a lot of light and little bit of water and they will thrive. The main reason I lose some from time to time is overwatering. You want to make sure if your pot doesn’t have drainage holes that you use rocks in the bottom so it can still drain. I also use a potting soil made for succulents. (I found mine at Home Depot). Before watering, which I do every 7-10 days, check the soil and make sure it’s not still wet from the last watering. I can’t wait to see these new babies grow!